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Bold move october day 24
Today didn’t started great, just super sad and scared and totally done with everything. Had a fight with my mom before I went to singing lessons and I was crying on my bike while cycling to the bus station.
In the train from Eindhoven to Tilburg (where I have singing lessons) I literally started crying again. A guy walked in the train and say down in front of me. First I didn’t recognized him but when he asked ‘are you okay?’ I saw he was a guy from my college. He’s not in my class but I saw him some times cause I think he’s kinda cute haha!
So we kinda started talking and it was very nice, cheered me up :)
He had to go to college in Tilburg (my college) and I had to go to singing lessons and when we got out of the train he said ‘see you around on college, and don’t be sad again okay? Cause I don’t like that and otherwise I’m gonna give you hugs! Deal?’

Yup. Great day :)

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